Who we are

Coming alive of “MOS” Technology, short for Metal Oxide Semiconductor, we have consistently evolved with hope, galore and vision; determined to “DART” towards the future, rightfully brandishing with the brand name - MosDART

What we do

We provide powerful, high speed, convenient storage device, rich in colour and design, to befit professionals, students, or any one requiring a pen drive to cater to their business, organizational, educational, or for purposes of simple fun and entertainment.


Through our brand of design, colour and functionality, we offer each individual a piece of one’s own distinct nature!
Consistently creating and delivering products that add substance and value to the lives of our customers
ISO Certified, Patent Portfolio, Exceptional Engineering Strength, Excellent Cutomer Service, Highly Competent R&D Team
Keep your peace of mind with our Warranty Cards with Guaranteed Refund, Replacement, or Both
Flexible after sales service within 24 hrs
We constantly Innovate to offer additional features to keep you abreast
Trustworthy, Reliable, Convenient, Trendy, Fun, Unique

Mission & Values

To Garner Happiness & Joy

It has always been about the satisfaction of our customers, so they are able to rejoice in simple delight and joys of life


The main ingredient that bind us as a team and a company, we believe in consistent delivery of top notch quality products and services that yield trust and love of our customers.


Enriching and Enlivening lives, we believe in the simple philosophy of love and human values. We love what we do and who we are. We love to win, because winning is fun.


Challenges inspire us! As they induce the sense of courage, vigour and motivation, with each one we find ourselves transcend and go beyond our fears.


We truly believe the power and vitality of pure energy that drive successes and capabilities far beyond our own capacity.


Our learning experience has been exhilarating and one of that of trusting to let go of our fears to become fearless


From business persons to students, home makers, professionals...regardless of your gender, age or profession, you get to pick just what you need


We nurture our vision of becoming a prominent brand in delivering the best consumer electronic products, driven by love and purpose of being who we are and what we do.

We don’t cease to innovate

We manufacture our own products; finely crafted with much solemnity, love and care to deliver the best worth and value for money